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Yantai Kebaida Industry and Trade Co., Ltd., founded in 2004, is located in China Pilot Free Trade Zone, (Yantai Economic and Technological Development Zone). The company has more than 70 employees, a team of senior technical engineers and technical sales teams. The plant area is 30000 square meters, and the annual production of various powder coating modular materials is about 30000 tons.

Take the green environmental protection coating as the main line, reduces the research and development production to the environment pollution
Independent innovation, research and development of new materials for powder coatings, moving towards the technical exclusion zone
Update optimization
Experienced powder coating R&D team, updating products from time to time and bringing them to market
To provide customers with more accurate customized products to meet you
Senior technical team

40 years of understanding and understanding of powder coating formulations, production processes and Chinese raw materials

Innovative research and development

Innovatively developed a series of material modules suitable for different coating appearance and different functions.

Material cost optimization

Modular series  solve the blind areas and weak points during production fundamentally.


Texture modular was successfully

Texture Modularis an innovative additive compound for the formulation and production process.

Texture Modular meets European 2011/65/EU standards.

TextureModular is made of special composite materials, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, odorless

Meets the standard of European 2011/65/EU

It meets the standard of European 2011/65/EU and the limit value requirement of 174 highly concerned
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QQ:956196204 Phone:18053500480 E-mail:jennifer@texturemodular.cn Add:No.20 Hefei Road, ETDZ,Yantai city,Shandong province, China


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